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Why do people sneeze

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1Why do people sneeze Empty Why do people sneeze on Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:17 pm


1. If u are allergic to something such as dust, pollen or cats cat your body does not cope with them and it needs to sneeze to get it out of your body.

2. If u have a cold sneezing gets rid or germs and virus so... sneezing is HEALTHY! Very Happy

3. Some people sneeze when they are in the sunlight because if too much light gets into your eyes their body cannot support all that light and u sneeze as a reflex.

4. If u tickle your nose, u sneeze because it triggers the sensitive nose hairs.

5. If u breathe in too much water u sneeze to get the water out of your body.

Very Happy-AlgerianAndProud-Very Happy

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