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1Bless u..!! Empty Bless u..!! on Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:48 pm


In English-speaking countries, a common response to a sneeze by those around is "God bless you", or "Bless you". The origins and purpose of this tradition are unknown, and several competing explanations have been proposed over time; (1) Preventing the soul from departing one's body, as explained in the "Beliefs and Cultural Aspects" section above; (2) An effort to prevent possible death due to a lethal disease such as the plague pandemics of the fourteenth century; and (3) A method of protection against evil spirits entering the body through the open mouth of a sneezing individual.

Today, it is said mostly in the spirit of good manners.

In various other cultures, words referencing good health or a long life are used instead of "Bless you".

. In Arabic, (Levantine Arabic) the response is صحة (Sahha), which likely evolved from the word صحة (Sihha), meaning "health", or نشوة (Nashweh) which means "ecstasy". The response is either thank you شكراً (Shukran) or تسلم (Tislam/Taslam) which means "may you be kept safe". In Egyptian Arabic, the typical response to a sneeze is يرحمكم الله (yarhamkom Allah) and the answer is يرحمكم و يرحمنا (yarhamkom wa yarhamna) or شكراً (thank you).

. In French, after the first sneeze, one says à vos souhaits which means "to your desires". If the same person sneezes again, the second response is à vos amours, which means "to your loves."

. In Persian, if the sneeze is especially dramatic, Afiat bahsheh (عافیت باشه) is said.

. In Russian, the appropriate response is будь здоров(а) which means "be healthy." For sneezer it is polite to reply спасибо meaning "thank you."

. In Turkish, a sneezer is always told to Çok Yaşa, i.e. "Live Long", which in turn receives a response of either Sen De Gör ("[and I hope that] you see it") or Hep Beraber ("all together"). This is to indicate the sneezer's wish that the person wishing them a long life also has a long life so they can "live long" "all together". For more polite circles, one might say Güzel Yaşayın, i.e. "[May You] Live Beautifully", which may be countered with a Siz de Görün ("[And may You] witness it").

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