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My pokemon game

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1My pokemon game Empty My pokemon game on Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:39 pm



Pokémon Tripe Revolution

P.T.R is the revolutionary Pokémon Game where kids will have A amazing time. Plus with all the great graphics of Pokémon battle revolution you won’t find a better Pokémon game! The main difference is that you move around in the two new regions of Syrainia and Ahoi!!

Gaming Controls
Wii ball (same as a poke ball but has a sensor so it can connect with the Wii and be used to summon and make Pokémon return in a battle or to move objects)
The Wii Con (Microphone and headset for extra gaming like saying in a battle Charmeleon attack using fire burn or poke ball go!!! It can also be used for the game chat witch as you will have a bigger screen will fit perfectly in there are three groups of chat boxes in the game and you will have one depending on your age (chat box optional)
But then again if you want to use the Wiis normal controllers you can!!
Some Pictures of Battle Revolution (P.T.R has the same battle graphics as battle revolution but the attack look more realistic and fun!)
These attacks looks good but now imagine what P.T.R must look like! Also when your Pokémon is attacked you need good timing because now you can make them doge but if you’re too slow it will damage that Pokémon even more. (Note opponents Pokémon also can doge) Plus you don’t take turns to attack like in all the other games! Now it’s like the T.V programs and films where you make moves when you want so you can win battles in style!

With a hundred new Pokémon with fifty of them in the two new regions of Syrainia and Ahoi. Undoubtedly this game will have the most regions and Pokémon ever!!!

List of all the regions in this game
Johto-old- depends on witch mission you take-8 gym leaders-combined with Kanto to have only one elite 4
Kanto-old-depends on witch mission you take-8 gym leaders- Elite 4 based here-legendary’s in Johto and Kanto
Sinnoh-middle -3rd-8 gym leaders - own elite 4-legendary palkia and dialga
Syrainia-new- start here-four gym leaders-combined with Ahoi’s four gym leaders-50 new Pokémon
Ahoi – new- 2nd region-four gym leaders- (elite 4 battle tower based here) -50 new Pokémon
Extras (not including Wii Con and Wii Ball)
Player Vision- lets you see 20 other online players and battle them!!
Player Talk-lets you talk to other online player- Depending on your age you will use a certain chat box (all rude words will be blocked- Use the Wii Con as a chatting devise as well so you can talk to your friends when you’re in a battle .
Special Wii mail when you log into your account of P.T.R-lets you send messages to friends-automatic Wii mail is sent to you like updates and a 10 minute update of what Pokémon are for trade!! (When you find one you want if there online you will be transported to where they are and you will put up a Pokémon that you would like to trade and if they say accept you’ve got a new Pokémon!! (if there offline you put the Pokémon you want to trade with them up still and they will get a message the next time they go on! (They accept, decline or have that Pokémon for a week then it will automatically come back to you)
Design your character
Instead of having a pre made character either girl or boy design your own and if you have 150 Wii points you can get a pet dog or cat (up to two pets both with you) that will give you small but nice extras during your journey!!! (Be careful they may bite)
!!!Plus one mystery land!!!
Thank you for your time
Yours sincerely,
Dudey_x (Nintendo Club U.K Member Name)

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